Ghost Locations
The ParaDocs Team will investigate the history and paranormal events in the locations they visit. We will endeavour to find out about murders, deaths or other such events that might be the source of paranormal phenomena. We offer our findings and conclusions for you to examine and investigate yourself. Feel free to use our resources to aid your own investigation. If you have any useful tidbits to add to what we have found, please feel free to get in contact and we can add them to our site for others. The same goes if you believe we have made a mistake on the history and activity of a location.

Any evidence we find will be in the ParaDocs Files Web Series, the Webisodes, video, or added to this site. We aim to bring you as much as we can so you can make your conclusions or visit the locations we have and continue more in-depth analysis.

For more information about the locations, we visit, with details of their history, photos, and other useful information.


Road of the Dead, Cardiff
Llandaff Cemetery, Cardiff

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