Stupid Paranormal Sh*t

Due to the many Covid-19 restrictions and Lockdowns in the UK, our team has been unable to meet properly and film anything substantial. So, we decided to do something fun we can do from our homes. The hope is that with the power of over-the-top ridicule we can educate and entertain Paranormal Investigators the world over.  It is a bit rude, slightly crude, and not very safe for work.

Inspired by Spectre Sound Studios and Glenn Fricker‘s Stupid Musicians Texts. This show help highlight many of the problems and issues with people trying to get into the field of paranormal investigations. All the names and most of the locations have been changed to protect the stupid.

Stupid Paranormal Sh*t (Episode One)

So ParaDocs Files is proud(ish) to present “Stupid paranormal Sh*t”. A show that is just a bit of fun, that tries to not be too insulting. We hope it offers a perspective about all parts of Paranormal Investigation and some of the stupid stuff people say.

This is our first Episode is very rough around the edges, and Gabriel to awake when doing this. Insomnia got the better of him so there are a few moments where he sounds slightly out of it. We hope that by the next one he will have at least had a few hours sleep and be able to iron out some of the rough edges.

If you are easily offended, then we advise don’t watch this show. Really, just don’t. This is a way for the team to blow off some of the stress from being locked down and unable to go out. We have changed all the names and most of the places to protect the stupid.

We hope that you enjoy the show and come back for more. Hey if you also find some Stupid Paranormal Sh*t then please feel free to point one of the team to it.

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Gabriel Strange-Wood

Gabriel is a bit of a tech nut, forever building, creating, modifying ghost hunting equipment, not to mention the filming gear. He has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and had little chance over his life to really dig into ghost hunting. Now with the formation of ParaDocs, he has the chance to put his knowledge and skills to good use. His main skill is in the realm of audio, microphones and equipment used to catch audio and EVP Phenomena. When not ghost hunting, Gabriel is an avid gamer, from board games to computer games. He also drinks way too much coffee. With a face for radio and a voice that can kill an Ox at 20 paces, this is his first foray in front of the camera.

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