Gabriel Strange-Wood


Esoteric Dabbler, Producer, Camera Operator, Director

Gabriel is a bit of a tech nut, forever building, creating, modifying ghost hunting equipment, not to mention the filming gear. He has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and had little chance over his life to really dig into ghost hunting. Now with the formation of ParaDocs, he has the chance to put his knowledge and skills to good use. His main skill is in the realm of audio, microphones and equipment used to catch audio and EVP Phenomena. When not ghost hunting, Gabriel is an avid gamer, from board games to computer games. He also drinks way too much coffee. With a face for radio and a voice that can kill an Ox at 20 paces, this is his first foray in front of the camera.

Gabriel’s first true experience of a paranormal was at the age of 11 when he was home alone, he heard a voice clearly call his name. Rather than freak out, he spent the next hour looking everywhere in the house for hidden tape recorders and to see if anyone has come home without him noticing. This was the first of many of Gabriel’s truly unexplainable phenomena. Moving around different careers, mostly sticking out audio, and the tech side of things. Gabriel moved into filmmaking. He learned new skills and gained the knowledge to develop and put together a documentary TV show.

Being techy at heart, he builds what equipment the Team needs, and if he can build it, he looks around for the best gear he can find. His aim to eliminate any external interference for the devices, so nothing can be easily manipulated by the Team or unwanted external factors. He says that if ParaDocs are going to catch anything paranormal we want it to be crisp clear and irrefutable. So, he carries around with him high-end audio equipment and a lot of Infra-Red Torches. Fuzzy and grainy ghost hunting video will be a thing of the past if he gets his way with the equipment.

Gabriel has also dabbled in the odd esoteric practice, which has helped him garner an understanding of Meta Physics. With a smattering of the occult, religious practices, rituals and rites, and anything vaguely odd an interesting that is beyond scientific explanation.

The idea of ParaDocs went through various iterations, and with the feedback of others and Kallandra watching way too many ghost shows. Gabriel came up with a new format that will be more entertaining, clear cut, and infallible than what has gone before. With additional information and the evidence, the team finds being available in this site, and Webisodes using the ParaDocs Threefold Method on truly unexplainable phenomena. To Gabriel conclusive and irrefutable evidence, needs to be repeatable, reliable, and recordable.

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