Lydia Strange-Wood



Ghost Hunter, Researcher, Theologian, Writer, Artist, Crazy Cat Lady

Lydia is a writer, artist, ecumenical lay minister and crazy cat lady. She has always believed and had experiences of the ‘other.’ From early childhood. Lydia played with fairies at the bottom of the garden, the dragon that lived in her bedroom wall, or seemingly poltergeist activity during her teenage years. This has led her inquisitive nature to study many belief structures and esoteric practices to better understand the nature of life beyond death. She knows she knows nothing in the bigger picture but hopes to get a glimmer about what the answer to the ultimate question might be.

As a lay minister and theological researcher, she looks forward to working with the ParaDocs Team. While she firmly believes in an afterlife, she also understands that the human brain can play tricks on people and respects all beliefs structures. In her research and explorations, she hopes to have a better understanding of what happens when we finally pass to the other side. This will aid her in working better with communities and offering solace to those who have recently lost a family member. Everyone wants to know what happens next, and no one can claim to truly know, Lydia is just looking for some spoilers to get an idea of the bigger picture.

As a teenager she saw the spirit of her grandfather the day before he died, Lydia is convinced he came to say goodbye. This brought her comfort that death is just a change of form rather than an end of life. Paranormal events continued to follow her, she has witnessed poltergeist activity, predicted accurately several events in her own and her close family’s lives. Through her life and studies of beliefs and philosophies, she feels she has a strong connection with natural and spiritual energies. Understanding the spirit of place and reading the emotions imprinted on a location or object.

Working as a researcher and spiritual adviser for the Team she brings a wealth of knowledge. She can assist in dealing with malevolent entities that need to move on or a trapped spirit who is lost and needs a kind hand to move on. Having connections with local churches and faith groups, she can access records and histories of areas that can offer insight to any ghosts the Team finds. This can help verify any conscious entity or imprinted energies of people by looking them up in the churches historical ledgers.

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