S1E00 – ParaDocs Files: The Road of the Dead



Locations: Road of the Dead, Llandaff Cemetery
Release Date: TBC
Running Time: TBC
Team: Gabriel Strange-Wood, Cat & Lynx Raven, Kallandra, Lydia Strange-Wood, Kristian Domingo
Special Guests: TBC

More News

  • Pre-Assessment: Road of the Dead / Llandaff Cemetery August 3, 2020
    Part of our methodology relies on a pre-assessment of the locations we are planning on investigating. Knowing what is there before we even start is a great way of removing ...
  • Crew Recce of the Dead February 7, 2020
    Today’s crew recce of the Road of the Dead and Llandaff Cemetery was fun, most of the Team came along and we had an explore of the area. Gabriel Strange-Wood ...
  • Night Vision Camera Tests January 30, 2020
    We have done our night vision camera tests on our YouTube channel. The camera performs as well as can be expected considering the price range. It’s by no means high-end ...
  • ParaDocs Team Strategize an Investigation, and Plan for Disaster January 18, 2020
    In our most recent Team meeting, we made plans for the Mini Pilot episode, and potential disaster, roughing out how we’re going to shoot it, shooting schedules, and conveniences for ...
  • Something’s not happy as we investigate the Road of the Dead January 17, 2020
    Kallandra and I went on a location recce to the Road of the Dead and Llandaff Cemetery as there was a brief gap in the rain (this alone could be ...
  • Kristian joins the Team as our Sound Recordist January 12, 2020
    Kallandra and I have had a great evening meeting with Kristian Domingo talking about ParaDocs Files and our experience with the paranormal. I’m happy to announce Kristian will be joining ...
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