Something’s not happy as we investigate the Road of the Dead


Kallandra and I went on a location recce to the Road of the Dead and Llandaff Cemetery as there was a brief gap in the rain (this alone could be considered a paranormal event this time of year in Wales). We had an explore and took many photographs, some of which you can find in the individual location profiles. Others will not see the light of day, as me bending double to get an interesting shot is not entertaining in the slightest.

Old Church Wall - Road of the dead, City of LlandaffWe started at the top of Cathedral Lane (the Road of the Dead) slowly making our way down, this lane has been used for thousands of years, as it led to a ford where people could easily cross the river. I was trying desperately to keep hold of Kallandra’s wheelchair, this lane was quite steep and would not have been a fun ride to the bottom in the wheelchair. As we progressed down, we stopped at some interesting points, where Kallandra felt something unusual we stopped and took pictures and chatted about what she felt.  Kallandra had strong feelings around part of the old stone wall and stairs next to the stonemasons, and more odd feelings and flashes as we progressed further down. Trying to get photographs of the Road of the Dead, was a challenge as during the day it’s quite a busy lane, also bending double and having my picture taken was not on the menu.

Strange Yew Tree - City of Llandaff CemeteryWe then moved on to the old part of Llandaff Cemetery, which we estimated dates from 1120 AD or even earlier.  Moving a wheelchair on mud is not the best thing in the world. We had a few near misses with disaster as wheels got stuck, though it might have been revenge for that awful photo of me that Kallandra took. Crossing the bridge, Kallandra started to get all sorts of feelings and sensations coming though, she told me there is a lot going on here. She wasn’t talking about the gardeners trimming the overgrowth. We spent a while wandering around the old yew trees, some of which are nearly 1000 years old if not older. There are four major yew trees established here forming parts of a cross leading to the cathedral, they are in raised beds with complex root structures showing. We have yet to find anything on these yew trees, but with their alignment to the church, there is a good chance they were established before or around 1120 AD.

We now have a good idea of where we are going to set up our equipment for the investigation, and what we will need to get good footage for our Mini Pilot. Also, we decided it would be a good idea to add a portable chemical toilet to our ghost hunting kit.

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Gabriel Strange-Wood

Gabriel is a bit of a tech nut, forever building, creating, modifying ghost hunting equipment, not to mention the filming gear. He has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and had little chance over his life to really dig into ghost hunting. Now with the formation of ParaDocs, he has the chance to put his knowledge and skills to good use. His main skill is in the realm of audio, microphones and equipment used to catch audio and EVP Phenomena. When not ghost hunting, Gabriel is an avid gamer, from board games to computer games. He also drinks way too much coffee. With a face for radio and a voice that can kill an Ox at 20 paces, this is his first foray in front of the camera.

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