Dr Hilbsult and the I-27b / 6

Abandoned Farm

Dr Nathaniel Hilbsult was a little-known communications expert who discovered a way to scan radio communications for predesignated keyword patterns. In 1936 he developed the ‘IN – RON 1’ (Interference Negotiating – Radionics Operational Node), later being redeveloped into the I-27b / 6. Soon after the invention of this revolutionary system the British Military and the ‘Political Warfare Executive [1]’ paid him a visit. The negotiations were fraught but anded in an amicable funding deal for Dr Hilbsult.

Dr Nathaniel Hilbsult inventor of the I-27b / 6

Dr Nathaniel Hilbsult

In the early days of World War 2, the Military funded the development of the IN – RON 1.5, under Operation Cenotaph, as part of the British Propaganda mission in Germany. Alongside ‘Radio Free Europe’ and other allied propaganda stations [2], listening posts were established to intercept German communications. The IN – RON 1.5 was the perfect tool to make the work of these stations easier by picking out keywords or phrases from the contestant radio chatter. The IN – RON was a unique valve-based technology that could easily be retrofitted to existing military radios. Though there were flaws in the system it still provided a small advantage to the British Military.

By the end of 1943 multiple iterations of the IN – RON had been developed, each version getting smaller. With the help of Russian scientists, under the leadership of Nikolai Sharygin, a smaller more discrete version of the IN – RON was developed. Sharygion went on to develop the ‘M-101 Izumrud encryption machine [3]’. The new version of the IN – ROM, designated I-27b / 6, resolved many of the flaws of the valve-based version, it was tougher and had less EM interference from surrounding electronics.

British Military Operation CenotaphDuring the Second World War, all but a few of the IN – RON 1.5 units were destroyed. The surviving stock of the I-27b / 6 were all recalled back to Russia for destruction due to inconstant manufacturing methods and the use of subpar materials. While Dr Hilbsult’s invention worked on occasion, it picked out a lot of incoherent radio chatter that was not part of the predesignated keyword set. The British Military dropped Hilbsult, and the Operation Cenotaph shortly after World War 2.

Post War and the I-27b / 6

After the war, Dr Hilbsult found gathered any I-27b / 6 components he could before they were destroyed. Perfecting his work became an obsession, with the hope that he could rebuild his reputation. In 1952 Dr Hilbsult found that the L.A.64 batch of the I-27b / 6 had some interesting properties. A modified radio fitted with one of these faulty components picked up a series of disturbing messages came through regarding a number of Nazi atrocities.

I-27b / 6 (Interrositor)When no keywords set were used names of civilians missing from the town of Oradour-sur-Glane [4] where the Nazi’s massacred the population in 1944 came through the radio. This shocking revelation started a journey that Dr Hilbsult would never forget. In 1954 Dr Hilbsult managed to establish rudimentary two-way communication with the voices he heard. Upon discovering that these were the voices of the missing civilians, he set off for Oradour-sur-Glane. He took with him a small portable radio he that he acquired while working with the British Military.

After several weeks searching, Dr Hilbsult found the source of the radio signals, in an abandoned farm 4.5 kilometres north-east of Oradour-sur-Glane. While searching for the missing civilians the name of a Waffen-SS Gruppenführer, Dr Karl Genzken [5] a member of the ‘The Ahnenerbe [6]’ kept being mentioned by the voices coming through the radio. Under the farm, Dr Hilbsult found a series of subterranean tunnels, and chambers covered in ritual markings used in ritual human experimentation by ‘The Ahnenerbe.’ Dr Hilbsult found no one living, yet the signals kept coming from all around the farm.

Path to the Future

Dr Karl GenzkenOne night in October 1954 Hilbsult made the gruesome discovery of a mass grave [7] sealed in a room off one of the subterranean tunnels under the farm. The messages filtered through the I-27b / 6, changed to messages of thanks for finding them and adulation that they can now go home. It was then the frightening truth hit Dr Hilbsult, he was hearing the voices of the dead.

Upon Dr Hilbsult’s return to the UK, he set up a holistic detective agency and took an assistant a young Reverend who used the alias ‘Torbon’. It was Torbon who nicknamed the I-27b / 6 the ‘Interrositor’ after seeing the film “This Island Earth.” In January 1956 Dr Hilbsult was found dead in his home, with no apparent cause of death. The Rev. Torbon always claimed Hilbsult was murdered by a Class IV malevolent entity. Torbon believed the entity to be the polish-born murder George Chapman (a.k.a. Severin Antoniovich Klosowski [8]), who died in 1902, who many thought to have been Jack the Ripper.

No disrespect is intended for those who died at the hands of German soldiers during World War 2. We encourage further reading and understanding of the atrocities committed during the war and ask you to respect those who died in the Holocaust and their families. Let’s hope we never repeat this history again.

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