Ghost Hunting Equipment
The equipment we use allows us to record, catalogue any phenomena when we are hunting. No single piece of equipment can provide us with irrefutable proof of the paranormal, it is only one piece in a puzzle. The correlation of data between equipment aids us in our investigations, it enables us to rule out any false positives, natural or environmental interference. As we can only see a limited range of the electromagnetic spectrum, our kit enables us to get a brief glimpse into the unseen.

Night Vision Gear

An important tool in the ghost hunters kit. Ghost don’t just come out at night, but people tend not to. Most ghost hunts happen in dark places to minimise interference from other people, and electrical equipment as these can give false positives. Turning off lights, and other equipment in a location is vital to getting the best results we can.

Spirit Radio (Interrositor)

A modified radio that can be used by any intelligent non-corporeal entity to communicate with the team. It can pick up radio frequency interference from anything that wishes to interact with it, offering a voice to any entity trapped in Limbo. This is usually hooked up to the Spirit Portal. Since the invention of smaller and more portable Spirit Radios, they have been used more and more in ghost hunting.

Spirit Portal

Based on the original concept of the Frank’s Box, developed by Frank Sumption, our spirit portal was built by Gabriel Strange-Wood. This device helps enhance the communications received from the Spirit Radio and remove a lot of the noise and static on the radio frequency spectrum. This gives clear and more definitive results and enhances anything we receive.

Tri-Field Meter

The meter we use scans EF, EMF, and RF+ frequencies, it shows fluctuations in the electromagnetic spectrum so we can detect and anomaly’s in the area. Our meter detects and attempts to match them to know sources such as WiFi, mobile phones and other modern gadgets.  This allows the Team to spot any external interference from our equipment so we can eliminate it from the investigation. It also has the capability of recording sample data for later analysis at the nerve centre.

Rem Pod

Or ‘radiating electromagnetism pod’ is a digital dousing device emits an electromagnetic field around itself and gives audible and visual indications of this field is disrupted. By using a pair of these the Team can track paranormal phenomena around locations and follow any phenomena to its source.  Our REM-Pods were constructed by Gabriel Strange-Wood, to be simple to use and small enough to be easily and quickly deployed around a location.

EVP Recorder

A handy recorder that is easy to use and carry around, it allows you to capture responses. These are electronic recordings of sounds that can be interpreted, usually a single word or noise. The EVP Phenomena can either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. The Team have a number of these devices along with professional-grade film and TV audio recording equipment for better correlation of evidence.

Old School Kit

We also carry an old school ghost hunting kit that includes analogue versions of some of our equipment. This will rule out digital interference from noise reduction an enhancement technology in modern equipment. This kit also includes dousing rods, crystal pendulums, and other traditional techniques that offer different ways of detecting paranormal phenomena. Kallandra, will mostly use this kit who seems to be a curse on modern technology.

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