Paranormal Sensitive, Exec Producer, Researcher

Kallandra and her sister were taught to dowse aged eight by their father, who was hoping that they would use their newfound talents to find buried treasure. They couldn’t afford a metal detector. Summer holidays were spent wandering around lost burial mounds, holding bent metal rods. Her father also introduced her to the interesting world of T.C. Lethbridge.

When Kallandra was 14 she had her first experience of the paranormal. An eight-foot-tall hooded and robed figure, holding a sword, appeared at the end of her bed. She screamed the house down. Her family believed that it was all a bad dream, but she knows otherwise. Kallandra is both a believer and sceptic. Nowadays, if faced with an apparition she’s more than likely to whip out a questionnaire and quiz it for half an hour on what kind of shoes and assorted undergarments it’s wearing, rather than screaming. She is a healthy sceptic and likes to debunk and find logical explanations before being a spotted conclusion jumper.

Kallandra has had an interest fairy and folklore since early childhood and used to leave gifts for them at the bottom of the garden. Once she discovered the local library, she did a lot of research, and eventually ended up teaching UK folklore and fairy studies to random people she’d met in dubious online chatrooms. These online friends also taught her about their own esoteric interests, from cleansing haunted houses to conjuring.

Since childhood, she’s had many strange adventures and has always wanted to join in on ghost hunts, but due to her legs being wheels this has always been denied on the grounds of health and safety. So, she’s decided to join a bunch of misfits and hopes to prove that being disabled shouldn’t let people stop you exploring creepy old houses, ruins, and other ‘haunted’ locations. She is a little worried that she’s going to need a lot of help to achieve her goal of chasing after an apparition, but with the right harness and backpack to sit in. She reckons that whoever is silly enough to carry her around could manage this.

Kallandra has spent the last few years watching all the ghost hunting shows she can to see what works and to see what makes the presenters scream and run away. She also likes to tell Gabriel that he is wrong, and technology isn’t the best for ghosts because most ghosts have no clue what it is your holding. Her ghost hunting kit consists of a pair of dowsing rods, a pendulum, a small cassette Dictaphone, a head-torch, and an old circa 2001 radio. There’s also a pink duck radio that the team keep trying to get her to use, but she doesn’t like the way that it looks at her. Kallandra will not, under any circumstances, ever use an Ouija Board.

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