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Today’s crew recce of the Road of the Dead and Llandaff Cemetery was fun, most of the Team came along and we had an explore of the area. Gabriel Strange-Wood spent most of his time looking at locations for shooting and setting up of equipment. Kristian Domingo had an explore and listen for sound issues and learned a bit about Dowsing. Cat & Lynx Raven, vanished several times into the undergrowth only to pop up in another part of the cemetery with grins on their faces. We’ve just about learned how to tell them apart.

The daylight overview part of the Mini Pilot has been roughly planned out to show you the locations and talk about the history, and anything Kallandra picks up. Today we did a bit of dowsing and picked up a few ley lines, which will form part of our investigations. Kallandra will go further in-depth into what she picks ups in the Mini Pilot. Let’s see if she gets anything paranormal for the main investigation?

The grave of Amy Beatrix Heath

Amy Beatrix Gravestone DateWhile we were in the old part of Llandaff Cemetery, we decided to track down the grave of Amy Beatrix Heath, whose ghostly mother, Sarah, has been seen. The Wales Online article and possibly the original investigator, Carl Morgan, misread the date on the gravestone as 1388. This is an easy mistake to make as the old typeface used on the lead lettering has flat-topped 8s, and over the years some of the lead has been removed so they look like 3s. The date on Amy Beatrix Grave is 1888, though this doesn’t change the sighting, or have much of an impact on the estimated establishing of the old cemetery.

Ghost of Sarah Heath

Photograph by Carl Morgan of Elemental Paranormal.

A photo was taken by Carl during his investigation still shows something by the side of the gravestone that isn’t there. I have enhanced the original image, to better show the ghostly figure. You can make out a figure, with hands and a face, wrapped in white clothing. We will be doing further investigations in the area to see if we can pick up a second sighting of this ghostly mother.

Largest Yew

Llandaff Cemetery largest yew treeGabriel wanted to find the largest yew tree in the cemetery to try and give a rough estimate as to when the site might have been used to bury the dead. He sadly forgot a tape measure, so now we can only estimate the date of the planting of the large Yew. He believes it to have been sometime between 400 AD and 800 AD.

This means St Teilo could have planted the yew tree, or it may even predate the establishment of the Christian church in the area. Druids were believed to have planted yew trees at gravesites as they believed the roots would stop the dead from rising. Being planted before St Teilo would tie in with the pagan and Roman burials that have been found on the site of Llandaff Cathedral. When filming we will remember the tape measure and get a better estimation of the date on the yew tree.

Feeding the Masses

After our recce day, we sat for a drink and chat about where we are in our research and to make further plans for the filming days. Food is very important and keeping the Team warm, this means lots of pocket warmers and a trip to Costco. We will be eating Vegan on most of our ghost hunts as this ticks the box for most of the Teams dietary requirements. Kristian might bring his BBQ or other foodie delights. If you want to help keep us fed and healthy you can donate a few pounds through Buy me a Coffee.

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Gabriel Strange-Wood

Gabriel is a bit of a tech nut, forever building, creating, modifying ghost hunting equipment, not to mention the filming gear. He has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and had little chance over his life to really dig into ghost hunting. Now with the formation of ParaDocs, he has the chance to put his knowledge and skills to good use. His main skill is in the realm of audio, microphones and equipment used to catch audio and EVP Phenomena. When not ghost hunting, Gabriel is an avid gamer, from board games to computer games. He also drinks way too much coffee. With a face for radio and a voice that can kill an Ox at 20 paces, this is his first foray in front of the camera.

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