Cat & Lynx join the ParaDocs Team

Cat & Lynx Raven

Cat & Lynx Raven [link], have joined the ParaDocs team, bringing their ghost hunting experience, and knowledge of locations and their history. They will bring a lot of energy and fun to the team and are a welcome addition.

We had a great meeting tonight, mostly meeting cat’s and snakes, and chatting about what we want to do and where we want to go with the Web Series, Webisodes, and website content. It’s all exciting and we are all looking forward to getting out there with our ghost hunting kit and cameras.

Over the coming months, we will be doing some workshops and small ghost hunts to test the equipment and solidify the overall format of the Web Series. If we remember we will record some of these so you can see a bit of the behind the scenes development of the series.

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Gabriel Strange-Wood

Gabriel is a bit of a tech nut, forever building, creating, modifying ghost hunting equipment, not to mention the filming gear. He has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and had little chance over his life to really dig into ghost hunting. Now with the formation of ParaDocs, he has the chance to put his knowledge and skills to good use. His main skill is in the realm of audio, microphones and equipment used to catch audio and EVP Phenomena. When not ghost hunting, Gabriel is an avid gamer, from board games to computer games. He also drinks way too much coffee. With a face for radio and a voice that can kill an Ox at 20 paces, this is his first foray in front of the camera.

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